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Object(s) of Our Lives

Website Design
After all these years of helping companies build their brands, this time, we’ve come to a point where we decided to build our own brand: Object(s) of Our Lives. We came up with the name, strategized the concept and designed the e-commerce website. Our motto simply summarizes our purpose: Make Space for What Matters!

We believe that in the midst of the inevitable distractions and cacophony of life, sometimes solace and even joy comes to us in the form of these simple objects.

Our intention is to bring beauty, meaning, connections and happiness in people’s lives, wherever they are, through these objects. We appreciate the inner beauty in them as well as their positive impact on our thoughts and emotions and we strive to find ways to bring it out to share with like-minded people.

During the launch process, we opened and curated a pop-up store in Princeton, NJ during the holiday season, which was highly welcomed. We collaborated with like-minded artists to create unique functional and design objects via exhibitions. We’ve also organized so many events such as Creativitea, during which the attendees gathered and chatted about creativity while having a variety of tea and cookies. Another event was Japanese Tea Ceremony whereMs. Nobuko Manabe of the Omotesenke School of Tea demonstrated Japanese Tea Ceremony. Today, we still continue to build the brand via our social media and e-commerce site: www.objectsofourlives.com