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Contemplate Kitchen

Website Design

In this project, we designed the brand strategy from which the company name, the logo, the corporate identity, the look and the feel of the brand evolved. We defined the core concept of Contemplate Kitchen as being a “Wholesome Bakeshop and Functional Food Lab”, only because we believe that it is the “making of” part of the process which Contemplate Kitchen team will be applying, will make the real difference. That means serving nutritious and delicious baked goods and plant-based recipes with locally sourced whole-food and healthier ingredients to get the highest nutritional value out of every bite.

Incorporating organic, gluten-free, refined-sugar-free ingredients such as homemade almond mylk, organic maple syrup, sprouted nuts and seeds, seasonal fresh or dried fruits, medicinal herbs, and spices into their recipes will certainly bring utmost delight to your palate.

And under the light of the above, with our concept, we are practically and strategically saying ‘Pay attention to what you eat’. This place will essentially be a vegan and vegetarian kitchen where meals, soup, cold-press juice and vegan delicacy packages will be offered on a weekly basis, with changing menu items based on seasonality. The team will also serve artisan coffee and espresso drinks, making of which we happened to witness first-hand the science behind during the rigorous training process we also went through.

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