Organizma was founded in 2001 with the intention of bringing meaning, distinctiveness and fame to small and mid-size companies who are in need of a “reductionist” approach and idea-based branding and marketing communications solutions in an era of changing media landscape and information overload.

Throughout their career, founders have acquired an in-depth knowledge and experience in branding strategies and methodologies as well as multi-media, design and digital technologies. During their tenure at JWT Global Ad Agency, also known as “The school of Advertising”, they helped create advertising and branding campaigns fora wide range of  blue-chip brands such as De Beers, Citibank, Nestle, Polo Mints, IBM and Unilever to name a few.

Having opened its doors in NYC, Organizma has been helping both profit and not-for-profit companies, from start-up ventures to established corporations, local to global, to bring their brands into life.

Today, we are still continuing to evolve and now bringing to our clients a new set of integrative branding services with a new mind and heart state: Introducing Mindful Branding.

Mindful Branding is a new approach, in a new world, for a new breed of brands embracing mindful transformation, innovation and growth from inside out, ground up.

We are a mindful branding and transformation company which combine mindfulness, branding and creativity to help companies, institutions and brands grow from within the organization through purpose-driven and actionable strategies by aligning management team, employees, customers and communities around a shared purpose and a vision.

Under our “Align Program”, we simply aim to align your external and internal branding communications efforts, mindfully, by first articulating your brand’s driving ambition and contribution to the world with a purpose-driven brand strategy, while on the other hand supporting your team’s inner strength and contentment.

Through our creative brand strategy process for your internal and external messaging alongside mindfulness training and meditation programs, non-violent communication seminars, dance sessions, drum circles, tai chi and sound therapy classes, we create a space in your company for conscious leadership by promoting awareness, harmony, non-violent communication, resilience, compassion and ultimately happiness for better performance and communication in and outside of the company while reducing your team’s stress level.

We are comprised of a team of individuals with diverse backgrounds, professions and expertise who bring their knowledge and wisdom to the table to create mindful and healthy communications and communities for a better world.

To discuss your next project, please contact:

Guniz Engur / Managing Director, Organizma Brand Communications

Our mission is to help your brand grow bigger globally and mindfully from inside out, ground up by purpose driven and actionable strategies using creativity.




Branding & Advertising:

  • Branding Strategy
  • Corporate Identity
  • Concept / Campaign Development and Implementation


360 Content 

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development + Implemention
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Video/Film Production & Editing
  • Animation
  • Podcast Design



  • Website Design and Implementation
  • E-Commerce Site Design and Implementation
  • App Design
  • App Design
  • AR + VR


Video + Photography Production, Animation:

  • Video/Film Production & Editing
  • Animation


Art Direction, Styling




Internal Branding Strategy

Designing Company Culture Book

Presentation of Culture Book within Company / Workshop




8-week Mindfulness Training Program

  • Meditation Classes
  • Non-Violent Communication Seminars
  • Align Dans Sessions
  • Art Therapy
  • Tai Chi Classes
  • Chi Gong Classes
  • Sound Therapy
  • Drum Circles

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